Carson Tahoe to automate their workflow with AutoPACS DICOM Gateway

Irvine, CA, - Carson Tahoe Health is a comprehensive non-for-profit healthcare network featuring two hospitals, two urgent cares, an emergent care center, outpatient services, and a provider network with 21 regional locations serving over 250,000. Voted 5th most beautiful hospital in the nation, Carson Tahoe is headquartered on a beautiful master-planned, 80-acre medical campus nestled among the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in North Carson City.

"As their provider network was expanding, so was the volume of medical imaging studies done.

If your team has to intervene in transmission of or process a hundred studies a day manually, there is a lot of risk for clerical error. In contrast, we are not only making sure that the data is accurate, but also freeing that resource from doing those repetitive tasks over and over everyday while improving the overall efficiency of the workflow. And on top of that, you have full visibility into the entire process", said Murat Y., CEO of GencoSoft.

"The other huge bonus for Carson Tahoe was the ability to connect to multiple modalities via AutoPACS since their current PACS system is limiting them to handling a single connection at a time." added Murat Y. 


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