AutoPACS Dicom Router / Gateway

AutoPACS DICOM Router/Gateway is fully-automated, customizable, and the most powerful DICOM router/gateway in the market today.

Its smart and easy to use Rule Engine lets you route your images on-the-fly without any manual work. With its unique scripting capabilities, you will be able to tailor AutoPACS DICOM Router/Gateway to your specific needs within hours and not in weeks or months. While it would take other vendors months to add additional features and add ridicolously extra charges to your installation; with AutoPACS you are covered.

Our customers use AutoPACS to...

  • Route images automatically to another destination as soon as a study is received
  • Control the workflow with conditions such as modality of the image or ANY of its DICOM tags
  • With custom scripting capability; route only when a very specific workflow criteria is met
  • Preprocess images before sending when they need to update any DICOM tags / headers

More Features

  • TLS support for secure connectivity 
  • Smart Queue (fault-tolerant communication)
  • Prefetch a patient's existing studies via DICOM Q/R and route them all together
  • Import/Export from/to DICOM, DICOMDIR, jpg, avi or bmp
  • DICOM SR (Structured Report) Support
  • Fully DICOM 3.0 compliant interface to any DICOM modality (MR, CT, CR, US etc.).
  • FTP and Email communication
  • Password Protection based on User Levels
  • Comprehensive 3-Level connection security
  • Built-In DICOM Tag reference w/ 1600+ entries