About US

GencoSoft is a start-up organization based in sunny Newport Beach, CA with a vision to provide software solutions to medical industry with unmatched sets of capabilities. GencoSoft utilizes advancing technology to provide a quick, content-secure method of managing data.

The Team

The Management team has a profound knowledge of the medical industry and is uniquely suited to transform it by constantly improving GencoSoft and our product offering to meet and exceed the demands. Our solid relationship with our customers helps us build solutions the industry can use. Having established alliances with Software companies around the world we are managing the globalization of the market using information technology.

The Products

GencoSoft has pre-configured a series of solutions that will help its customers to leverage information in digital era. We realize that in today’s fast-paced business world a reliable partner is needed. A partner who is willing to go the extra mile to develop solutions within days or weeks - not years like some companies who are still trying to grasp the essence of internet. Technology advances every day and we are right at its pulse, putting our dedication and expertise at our customer’s service.